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*** The Following is a Re-creation of my www.harleyheartbeat.com website published May 27, 2001 ***
This was the Harley Heartbeat Association Page

The Harley Heartbeat Association

Finally, a web site, and an association, designed to help unite all of the great Harley owners that drive "the Heartbeat of America" Chevrolet! Whether it is a pickup truck, street machine, street rod, or even just your family car. We want your ideas to make this club the best that it can be, for you, the members.

Our monthly web site newsletter will feature the latest innovative combinations of Harleys and Heartbeats. Members will also receive a free distinctive decal of the Harley logo and the Heartbeat bow tie, along with other distinctive decals for your Heartbeat Harleys.

We will also feature member's rides and ideas in our monthly web site newsletter. So, to get the wheels turning, I'm going to tell you about my Harley Heartbeat combination, and how it is different than the Ford Harley Pickup Truck. To get all the "how-to" details to convert your truck, you will have to subscribe to our newsletter.

Mark, and his Heartbeat Harley & Harley Heartbeat.

The Harley Heartbeat

The Heartbeat Harley

Click on each image to enlarge:


Side View

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

I'm really not trying to rip on the Ford Harley Pickup Truck. You decide.


The Harley Heartbeat is a true High Performance truck, not a crew cab.


The Harley Heartbeat comes in any color combination you want, to match your Harley. Ford comes in any color you want, as long as it's black.


Ford has a keyless entry on the door, but you still have to dig through your pockets or purse to find your key to start it. The Harley Heartbeat has a totally keyless security system, so you never need to carry, or lose, your set of keys.


The Harley Heartbeat comes with the Cadillac Northstar security tracking system, so if someone does manage to steal your vehicle, you and some of your Harley buddies can deal with them on a more personal level, before the cops get there to pick up the pieces.


The Ford Harley has a single exhaust system that is pretty much in the middle of the road, between being loud enough to be cool, and mellow enough for a long trip with your friends. The only time that I'm in the middle of the road is when I'm driving! The Harley Heartbeat has a true dual exhaust system. One system is as quiet as my 12-second quarter-mile Cadillac, for long trips and pleasant conversations with friends. Then, with the flick of a switch, I can activate my exclusive Madson Power Blaster Exhaust Cut-Outs, and have that deep rolling rumble of open headers. As the old saying goes, "If I'm going to blow my brains out, I need a set of big guns."


The Ford Harley has 20-inch rims with those dinky little rubber-band racing tires that just look too small compared to the wheel well opening. The Harley Heartbeat has the biggest tires that I could possibly stuff into the wheel wells on the back, with the exclusive 16-inch by 14-inch black-out rims.


Ford is slightly lower than the stock. The Harley Heartbeat's suspension is slammed as low as you can go, and still drive it on the street 365 days a year.


As for performance and handling, there isn't even a comparison.


As for the way the interior goes, Ford takes it hands-down, no questions asked. Because G.M. doesn't offer leather seats in a regular cab truck?

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