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The Madson Birthday Challenge

The Madson Birthday Challenge I wanted to develop a challenge that would be equal for all experienced athletes that are the optimum weight for their height, and still give the younger athletes a chance to compete against us "old guys." I call it "The Madson Birthday Challenge." It is based on your age, and five "body weight" related exercises that must be completed within 25 minutes.

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Exercise #1:
Your age in pull-ups. I'm 48.

Exercise #2:
Your age in dips. I'm still 48.

Exercise #3:
Twice your age in push-ups. That's 96 for me.

Exercise #4:
Climb a 16' peg board, twice in a row.

Exercise #5:
A true "one-handed" pull-up, with each hand.

Again, all 5 must be completed within 25 minutes.
If you can successfully do this challenge, then please call or email me, because I would like to congratulate you.

The restoration of a 1952 Madson:

That's me, of course! I used to restore old cars into high performance vehicles for about $25,000 by putting in a bigger engine, beefing up the suspension, and giving it a new paint job. So, last year I decided to restore myself. I read the "Body for Life" book, I wrote down a plan, and followed it. With the right kind of workout, nutritional diet, and supplementation, I now have the experiences of a 48-year-old, the body of a 24-year-old, and the imagination of a 12-year-old that hasn't realized the boundaries of reality. Below are before-and-after photos of my 12-week E.A.S. transformation (Experimental and Applied Sciences).

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If you think these pictures are touched up because they are too good to be true, thank you for the compliment!

Other life transformations and adversities:


Was extremely poor as a child. Our father left us when I was in the third grade. I now own a very successful corporation.


Was the smallest kid on our high school football team, at 135 lbs. I played starting right tackle.


Transformed a Model A Coupe, rebuilding it completely from the ground up, into the fastest car around, before I graduated from high school.


Was one of the smallest kids on the high school wrestling team, was voted Most Valuable Player, Team Captain, and helped coach our state champion after I graduated.


Started my own Welding & Maintenance business at a rate of $6.00 per hour. Retired at a rate of $42.00 in 1989 as the highest paid welder.


Worked as a Nuclear Code Welder at Fairbanks Morse, and received four labor grade raises in four months, in a union shop!


I had one of the best marriages with 2 great children. Unfortunately, my wife divorced me because I was a workaholic. I still managed to help raise 2 really great children.


Completed Antony Robin's "Personal Power" 30 day program to unlimited success, and "Personal Power Weekend."


Started my "Madson Crossfire Distributor Cap" business with less than $1,000 and successfully competed against the multi-million dollar Moroso corporation that made the "Corrector Cap" distributor.


Transformed my lawn mower into a 40 MPH racing machine and made the "Madson Pro Street Lawnmower Video." It is now being used as a teaching aid in Industrial Art classes all over the United States.


Transformed my mom's completely-worn-out 1985 4-door Cadillac Fleetwood into a 12 second quarter mile racing machine. It is as fast as a new ZR1 Corvette or Dodge Viper in the quarter mile.


Transformed my 16-aspirin-per-day wreck of a body into a Body of Work in only 12 weeks.

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