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Pro Street Racing Lawnmowers

Join the Pro Street Lawnmower Association and transform your
old lawnmower into a like-new "Pro Street Lawnmower!"

Members receive our 2-hour video, "How to Build a Pro Street Lawnmower," a 12-page project guide, and the "History of a 'Mad Man' on his way to 'Hot Rod Heaven.'" This 2-hour video is a fun learning experience for kids, and a great way to teach them the basics of mechanics. It's also a fun and hassle-free weekend project for adults.

95% of all the parts that you need are in your old lawnmower!

The are no special parts to buy. The "secret" is to learn how to re-arrange the parts into a low riding Pro Street Lawnmower that will go 40 mph! Our step-by-step video makes it easy, and the 12-page color project guide outlines the video.

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Great Learning Experience for Kids

This Pro Street Lawnmower video has been on local television channel's 15, 17, and 27 news broadcasts. It has been featured in July 1993, September 1995, and June 1996 issues of Street Rodder Magazine; July 1993, March 1996, and October 1996 issues of Popular Hot Rodding; February 1996 issue of Rod & Custom; March 1996 issue of Car Craft; and January 1996 issue of Hot Rod. It was the number 2 product-of-the-year in Outdoor Power Equipment Magazine for 1996, and the number 1 best-response-ad of all time for Outdoor Power Equipment Magazine in 1997. It's been used as a teaching aid in high school industrial arts classes all over the United States and in Canada. The Beloit Daily News said, "What started out as a father-son project between Mark Madson and his son Luke has turned into a full-scale educational project at Clinton High School."


It seems like Mark Madson, from rural Clinton, likes to come up with at least one KOO KEY PROJECT every year.

I realize that it is hard to completely understand what Pro Street Lawnmowers are all about. That is why I'm giving you a 30 day, no risk, money back guarantee. I am a "father" like most of you, and I just want to share the joy that my kids and I had with this project. So, if you don't think this video was of any value to you, please send it back.

For immediate delivery: Call 608-676-4283. We take Visa or Mastercard, and ship it the next business day by Priority Mail. Or, for next week delivery, send a check for $29.95, plus $5.00 shipping & handling ($34.95 total) to: Pro Street, 8705 East Little Lane, Clinton, Wisconsin 53525.

Or, if you like, you can view the video segments of my 2-hour instructional video for Free

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