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The Wisconsin Madman

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Such Fun...

I’ve had such Fun over the years sharing my Creative Projects and Perspectives. My life’s philosophy has always been: “Upside Down and Backwards is actually Frontwards”.

This year I turned 70 years young. So, this year my mantra is “18 till I Die” – like the Bryan Adams song. Have a look at my  Featured Video for this year. 

Upside Down and Backwards is Actually Frontwards...

» Enjoy the story of the Wisconsin Madman

Hi, I’m Mark Madson.

When I was in 7th grade I took the engine off my lawnmower, put it on my bicycle, and left home for a week. That was a great beginning to my life of creative adventures. MarkMadson.com is my online portal website allowing you the opportunity to look inside the many different aspects of my life – and share some of my greatest passions:

  • Creative Thought and Action

  • Extraordinary Vehicles and Trucks

  • Fountain of Youth Frame of Mind

So, what makes me tick? What’s my background? Where did I come from? What have I done? Where am I heading?

All great questions that I’m happy to answer.

Throughout my website you’ll come to know me better. I offer up some information about me and some of my more recent projects and media events. Also, you can hear some of my radio interviews, and watch my Crazy YouTube Videos – they’re good fun.

I also invite you to watch another one of my creative projects. I got to thinking – how many people could I get to watch a fun video-collage of my many creative projects over the years? I decided to put the video up on YouTube and see what kind of response it would get.

Well… it didn’t set any records or become a “meme” – but I really did enjoy putting the compilation together and sharing it with the World. I’m sure I would have gotten more views if it had a provocative title or was simply a bunch of cute little kittens doing crazy things. Anyway, I’d love to have you go take a look at it and judge for yourself. Thanks!

The Wisconsin Madman on TV

Larry (the Cable Guy) takes a wild ride with Mark Madson (the Truck in the Tree guy) in his floating Cadillac while filming a segment for his TV Series. They also have a great view from the top of Mark’s Truck in the Tree located in Clinton, Wisconsin.

"Dreams are the Seeds of Creation. Action is the water that Grows Dreams into Reality"

- Mark Madson

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Me out cruisin' in my PackerMobile
Dieter Sturm and me at Superbowl XLV

» Hollywood comes to Wisconsin...

  » CheeseHeads –


The Movie

It all started in the 2011 Packer Football Season when the Producers of Reality TV in Hollywood decided to do a Reality TV Show about Packer Fans. Because we all know “There are no Fans like Packer Fans” we pretty much proved that to Hollywood, and the whole world, beyond any shadow of a doubt when Dieter Sturm, “The Snow Man” and Mark Madson, “The Ice Man” drove the Totally Topless Packer Mobile to Super Bowl 45 from Green Bay to Dallas, when it was 10 degrees below zero – through the worst snow storm in the last decade! The new Packer fan movie “Cheese Heads the Documentary” will premiere this Packer football season, and will also feature Mark and Dieter in the Packer Mobile – along with exclusive footage from their trip to the Super Bowl.

So when Hollywood decided to do a Reality TV Show about Packer fans, they did a general “Curtain Call” at the famous “Stadium View Bar” in Green Bay for any Packer fans that wanted to be on the show. They also did personal interviews with some of the “Super Fans” like “Saint Vince”, “The Owner”, “The Acme Packer”, “The Ultimate Packer Fan”, and Mark and Dieter – “The Packer Mobile Guys”. Well, they liked Mark and Dieter so much that they decided to try and give them their own TV show! It would be about the “Littlest Limestone Company In The World”! Because, one of the other Reality TV shows that they were looking for, was suppose to be about a “Successful multi-generational family business in Wisconsin”.

So on Jan. 23rd, 24th, and 25th, Hollywood sent an 8 man camera crew to the Little Limestone Company to shoot the pilot in hopes that the “Big Cheeses”, (that’s Wisconsin terminology for C.E.O.’s in Hollywood) would want to do a ten year multi-million dollar Reality TV series about the wild and crazy things that just seem to happen at the “Littlest Limestone Company In The World”! Even though several other TV shows have already been filmed at the Little Limestone Company, Luke and Mark didn’t really think there was enough drama and controversy to sustain an on going TV series. After all, they would be competing with other Reality TV shows like the “Deadliest Catch”, “Ax Men”, and “Orange County Choppers”. They needed more drama and controversy between Luke and Mark.

They didn’t realize that Luke and Mark are on the same “Team”, and that they are working together to get the job done. Not like on “Orange County Choppers” where the Dad and the Kid are yelling at each other all the time. Mark and Luke  just don’t do things that way, on TV or off  TV. The Director said “You know Mark, this isn’t “Leave It To Beaver”, or “Father Knows Best” – we need some “drama”. They wanted Mark to say things about his competition “Corporate Contractors Inc.” to make them look like the “Big Bad Guys”, but Mark just couldn’t do it. “C.C.I. is owned by the ABC Hendricks Group that has done so much for the improvement of the city of Beloit. Even though, Mark is in competition with them, they get along great, and have complete respect for each other, and have worked together for years.

After filming for 3 days and logging in more than 48 hours of film, they had to cut it down to less than 10 minutes to present it to the Big Cheeses in Hollywood to confirm the shooting of the first show of the series. Even though. a lot of the producers in Hollywood really liked it, Mark didn’t make the final cut. The Director that shot the pilot said it looked great, and that he did all that he could do. Then he said “You know Mark, this is only the first No – and if you are going to make it in Hollywood, that’s were you get started, so the rest is up to you”.