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The General Lee in the Tree

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When my buddy "Pig Pen" bought a tavern and named it "The Boar's Nest" I told him that he just had to have a "General Lee" Dukes of Hazzard car jumping over the roof! So, he made me build it! And, of course, it ended up in my tree for a couple of months while Luke, Scott, and I repainted the "Tree Truck." Since we had "One for the Roof" we needed "One for the Road," with a 440 magnum engine, headers, and cut-outs. We were jumping in and out of the windows all the time. We were just like a couple of kids in a candy store!

Caption below the Janesville Gazette photo:

"Mark Madson of Clinton guides the General Lee to its resting place on the Boar's Nest in Allens Grove on Monday. The 1969 Dodge Charger was painted to resemble the car in the TV series 'Dukes of Hazzard.' The roof model appears to be jumping over the tavern. It is one of two Chargers painted by students at Blackhawk Technical Institute to look like the General Lee."

Daisy Duke Look-a-Like Contest

The General Lee and the Boar's Nest wouldn't be the same without Daisy Duke, so pictured below are the winners of the Daisy Duke Look-a-Like Contest.

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