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Mark Madson interviewed on Local Vision TV

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Look, I really do understand that it’s important for the media to find new, interesting people and angles to entertain your market. It brings “eyeballs” which bring larger advertising dollars!

That’s Great, because I’m a Very Interesting guy who’s created lot’s of unique and fun projects over the years. And, I Love to Share my Stories with my own special level of passion and excitement. My philosophy has always been: “Upside Down and Backwards, is actually Frontwards”.  This awesome core principle is guaranteed to attract Attention and Interest.

Also, my theme for this year is : “18 till I Die” – like the Bryan Adams song. That’s because this year I turned 70-years young on May 20. And, after all those years I sincerely feel like –

  • I have the Experience of a 70-year old…
  • The Body of a 35-year old…
  • And the Imagination of a 18-year old.


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